5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)
5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)

5"x 5"x10" Tabletop Fireplace (Small)

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*Material: Metal, stainless steel &Tempered glass

*Product Size: 5"x 5"x10"

*Color: Black sand color metal, silver stainless steel, clear tempered glass

*Metal Structure: Strong and durable

A SIMPLE AND ELEGANT APPEARANCE FIRE PIT, with no ash or smoke, you can put it anywhere, perfect for your patio, living room, dinning room etc.

CLASSICAL AND DECENT DECORATIVE Crafted of metal, stainless steel and clear glass, along with the attractive dancing flame, add a sumptuous touch to your home.


1. Only use bioethanol as fuel. 130ml ethanol is enough to fill the tabletop fireplace. Approximate burning time is 50-70 minutes depending on room temperature and climate.

2. Always place the burner on a stable surface with free space.

3. Fill the burner with ethanol until the burner is full. Caution:spilled ethanol must be removed with an absorbent tissue and cleaned with water to prevent ignition outside the burner reservoir.

4. Light the ethanol with a stick-lighter. Keep safe distance to the burner. Please allow a couple of minutes to reach optimum temperature and flame height.

5. Let the fuel burn out completely if possible. This prevent ethanol left in the burner.

6. If you want to refill it, never pour fuel into the burning flame. First allow the burner to cool down for at least 15 minutes before refilling.

7. Never refill the burner when the fireplace is operating or still hot.

8. If you wish to extinguish the flame before the fuel has completely burned out. Please use the tool with a round bottom. Put the tool upon the burner and wait until the flame is extinguished.

9. Never leave an open fire unattended at any time!


1. Choose a location 4ft away from any flammable objects or materials (drapes, fabrics, etc.)

2. Be sure to remove all packing materials, cardboard, plastic, film, etc.

3. The fireplace is intended to be used indoor or outdoor, placed on a tabletop or stable surface.


1. The burner may change colour because of the heat. With regular maintenance, it will keep its colour.

2. Use a wet cloth to clean the surface of the fireplace.

3. Fireplace should be cleaned regularly.

4. Do not clean with water or put in a dishwasher. Wipe down the glass surfaces with a warm, damp cloth.



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