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Normaler Preis $8,500.00
Normaler Preis Verkaufspreis $8,500.00

Payment for New Image Gifts Limited

Product Details:

Item: 8.5"H Battery Operated Table Lamp
Quantity: 1,000 units
Unit Price: $8.50
Total Cost (DDP): $8,500.00

Company Information:

US Company: New Image Gifts Limited
US Address: 4255 Buckley South Road #1273, Aurora, CO 80013, USA
Chinese Company: Ningbo New Image Gifts Trade Co., Ltd.
Chinese Address: 17-3, 95 Mansion, No. 598 Jiangnan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo 315040, China
Purpose of Transaction: For procurement of 1,000 units of Table Lamp

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