6''High 3-Wick Battery Operated Glass Flameless Candles

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Regular price $25.99
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Material:Paraffin and LED light


Color:Gold glass + Dancing flame +Real wax

Timing Feature:6-Hours

Power : 2xAA battery powered

LED Electric Candle is made from paraffin, making the battery-driven analog wick emits a soft and hazy light, with the smooth white appearance, the beautiful figure is fainted.

Great Gifts for family or friends who like retro lighting and interested in decorating houses or offices as a festival gift. An unique candle set for lighting in the dark, also a exquisite home decoration.

Powered by batteries

The candle has an on / off switch with a 6-hour timer. If you activate the timer mode at the desired time, the candle will stay on for 6 hours, turn off for 18 hours, and turn on again at the same time every day. Easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Requires 2xAA battery (not included). Replacing the battery and opening and closing the switch is easy. With batteries, you can use it as soon as it arrives!


1. The ON/OFF/Timer switch is located at the bottom of the LED candle. Battery-powered, 2 AA batteries are not included.

2. This electric candle is made of real wax and is also flammable. Do not attempt to light this candle.

3. Please keep out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and out of extreme temperatures or your candle may soften or melt.

4. It is difficult to estimate battery life. Depends on the mode you choose-Continuous on does not last as long as the timing work mode.

5. Clean the battery contacts and device contacts before installing the battery.

6. If you do not use the product for a long time, remove the battery. In addition, constant use of the timer however may considerably reduce battery life.